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Episode 2.05: Livian Yeh, Nightfall

We are now in a post Crazy Rich Asians world, people. On this episode we have not one but two but THREE Asian-American playwrights living in Boston between me, featured playwright Livian Yeh, and co-host Christina Chan. We talk about Yeh’s examination of Maoist China NIghtfall, Acupuncture, the architect Maya Lin, translating plays into Chinese, and the Asian-American Playwright Collective, which was co-founded by the three of us (and others).

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Episode 2.04: John Minigan, Queen of Sad Mischance

The newly retired high school drama teacher and playwright John Minigan is this month’s featured playwright, bringing his O’Neill Award finalist Queen of Sad Mischance. Carrying over from last month’s episode is the mini-theme of women slowly losing their mind and the caretakers who, well, have to take care of them. In this case, its a renowned feminist academic with a decaying mind and the student of color who comes in to help her finish her book before it’s too late. In the interview we talk Shakespeare, academia, Centastage’s Write On! program, and more. And do we break down Massachusetts High School Drama Festivals from the early ‘90s? Yes, yes we do.

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