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Episode 4: Octavia and Kleopatra by Mara Elissa Palma (Stream Here)

This episode we go back to antiquity for Mara Elissa Palma's Octavia and Kleopatra, which imagines what would happen if these two legendary women had clashed.

In our talk with Mara we discuss mining the past for strong female characters, Shakespeare nerdism, her plans for taking over the world, and a certain actor's theory about what is and isn't enough representation.

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Episode 3: Repossessed by Greg Lam (Stream Here)

We talk to the playwright, screenwriter, board game designer, children's book author, and designer Greg Lam about his penchant for mashing up genres, 90's Vertigo comics, bringing sci-fi tropes to the stage, and that one time Chaplin and Keaton worked together.

Then we hear an excerpt from his play Repossessed, where a married couple discovers that their ideal marriage must be repossessed by the biotech company that manufactured it and implanted it into their brains. This play will receive readings by the Pork Filled Players in Seattle on November 1 and by Fresh Ink Theatre in Boston on November 16.

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Episode 2: Ballahoo in the Hair Kitchen by Mary McCullough (Stream Here)

Welcome back to our second episode! We sit down with playwright Mary McCullough and talk about growing up in the segregated South, a women's theatre tour of Africa and China, and the importance of adequate bookstore density. Folks, this lady has stories and the BEST answer to the question "What's the phone call you wish to receive from someone listening to the podcast?".

Then we hear a stirring excerpt from her play, Ballahoo in the Hair Kitchen to get into a little hoodoo, necrocosmetology, and school desegregation.

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