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Episode 2.13: MJ Halberstadt, Deal Me Out

MJ Halberstadt's new play Deal Me Out will be part of Boston Playwrights' Theatre's 2019-20 season. It's the story of a longtime standing board game group falling apart due to internal dislikes coming to a head in the aftermath of the 2016 elections. Co-host Ethan Warren joins us as MJ talks about site specific plays, knitting, the crucial different between a comma and a semicolon, Ranked Choice Voting, and board games. Lots of board games.

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Episode 2.12: Sophia Koevary, Dropout

The latest episode features first time playwright Sophia Koevary, a writer/actress/model/comedian whose play Dropout draws the portrait of a woman who joined the military after her mother dies, but returns home to a small Massachusetts town unexpectedly. With guest co-host director Sierra Grabowska, we talk to Sophia about military regulations, flying, modeling, theatre in Israel, and more.

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Episode 2.11: Liana Asim, Brother Nat

Liana Asim loves spinning tales out of historical figures, whether it’s Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, or the rebellious slave Nat Turner, who led a slave uprising that frightened the whole slaveholding system. Liana and her husband Jabari have put together an epic sung through opera based on the life of Nat Turner which they are talking to the New York Musical Festival.

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Episode 2.10: Early Career Playwrights Special, Part 2

It’s Part 2 of this conversation about the business of playwriting featuring four early career playwrights (David Fristrom, Jackie Martin, James Wilkinson, and Sharisse Zeeronian) and three theatre experts (Company One’s Ilana Brownstein, playwright Patrick Gabridge, and Boston Playwrights’ Theatre’s Kate Snodgrass). In this episode, we ask the experts to each impart one key lesson to our early career playwrights, something they don’t know or have not considered. We talk about the long game of theatre, representing the world around you, and fostering a personal playwriting network.

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Episode 2.09: Early Career Playwrights Special, Part 1

In this episode, I’ve assembled four self-identifying early career playwrights, Jackie Davis, David Fristrom, James Wilkinson, and Sharisse Zeeronian. I’ve had each of them come prepared to ask the one burning question they have about the business of playwriting. To help answer them, I’ve assemble a panel of experts: Ilana Brownstein of Company One, playwright Patrick Gabridge, and Boston Playwrights Theatre’s Kate Snodgrass. The conversation that ensues I hope will be a valuable resource to playwrights of all experience levels. It contains much of the information that I wish I had 15 years ago. Part 1 of 2.

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Episode 2.08: Patrick Gabridge, Mox Nox

Patrick Gabridge is Boston’s new play scene’s Mr. Everything. From penning commissioned site specific work in historical sites, to being the New England region’s Dramatists Guild rep, to creating the Playwrights Marketing Binge email list, Patrick is juggling a lot of balls at once. It’s fitting that his play Mox Nox is about sleight of hand. It’s a sci-fi blended family drama with stage magic in its origin.

Guest co-host Courtney O’Connor, Associate Artistic Director of the Lyric Stage, joins us to talk to about, well, everything. Commissioned work, career arcs, site specific work, fostering relationships, the long game of playwriting… And the need for fringe productions to court disaster and go for broke.

This episode is a LOT. Be here for it.

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