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FAQ: Appearing on the Podcast

Naturally, the main question I receive about the podcast is from playwrights who’d like to appear on the podcast. I do not ask for playwrights to pitch themselves or send me scripts. I do not want a giant stack of scripts each attached to a hopeful playwright. I don’t want to say “no”.

The way I select playwrights to be featured is mainly this: I recruit theatre people in the community to be guest co-hosts, and I ask them to recommend a local playwright they’d like to have featured. And then I almost always say yes, and contact that playwright. That way I have a co-host who has more knowledge of the featured playwright than I do, and we can have more in depth conversations in the interviews. And also, this way the podcast becomes more of a survey of all of Boston’s new play community, more than just the people I already know and like.

We all know that there are a huge number of talented playwrights in Boston. I could program the next five years of podcasts fairly easily just inviting people I already know. But I want the podcast to reflect all of Boston. I want to get to everyone.



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