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There are many ways great and small that you can help out a podcast, from regularly downloading episodes, liking us on Facebook and following on Twitter, rating us on iTunes, and supporting us financially. I’ve written up 17 Things You Can Do to Help the Podcast Grow. Do ANY of them and I’ll be happy!

Want to donate?

Most podcasts are free, but starting a podcast is not free!  We need to pay for the web site, the server space, and eventually we'd like to pay the playwrights, actors, and directors who participate in our readings.  If you'd like to help, please support us on where you can set up an ongoing donation.

Want to participate?

If you'd like to be a reader in our future recordings, please contact us here to be added to our email mailing list.

Want to sponsor us?

We are looking in particular to partner with local theatre institutions to sponsor this podcast and promote your company! Please contact us at bospodplay [at] to discuss.

Want to send us your script?

At this point we are not asking playwrights to send in their scripts. We will likely not get to it in the foreseeable future. What we are asking is for people who want to be a guest co-host to propose a playwright other than themself that they'd like to nominate for the podcast. Please contact us here if you are interested in nominating a playwright.