Boston Podcast Players Season 2 Contributors

It takes a lot of people to put this podcast together. Every one of the following people played a role in Season 2 of Boston Podcast Players. Take a bow!

Featured Playwrights

  • Melissa Bergstrom, The Big Work Website

  • Michael Bradford, Fathers and Sons Website

  • Manuel Lopez, Morir Soñando

  • Kate Marple, The Big Work Website

  • John Minigan, The Queen of Sad Mischance Website

  • Laura Neill, Don't Give Up the Ship Website

  • Livian Yeh, Nightfall • Website



  • Christina Chan, playwright, Nightfall

  • Brandon Crose, playwright & podcaster, The Queen of Sad Mischance • Website

  • Jecenia Isis Figueroa, playwright, Morir Soñando • Website

  • Anne Flammang, The Depot, Fathers & Sons Website

  • Haley Fluke, dramaturg, Don't Give Up the Ship


Fathers & Sons

  • Nikolai Fernandez

  • Angela Hunt

Don't Give Up The Ship

  • Alex Alexander

  • Eva Hughes

  • Lisa Nguyen

  • Ivy Ryan

  • Hayley Spivey

The Big Work

  • Melissa Bergstrom

  • Christa Brown

  • Teddy Crecelius

  • Emily Duggan

  • Kate Marple

  • Sunit Sharma


  • Eric Cheung

  • Kyle Chua

  • Holly Kapinos

  • Kim Klasner

The Queen of Sad Mischance

  • Eric Michaelian

  • Elizabeth Reynolds

  • Kristen Rowe

  • Shaler Wright

Morir Soñando

  • Michael Saenz

  • David Quiroz

  • Nicole Ventura


  • Kelly Galvin, Nightfall

Credits Reader

  • Allyson Lazar

Theme Song

Additional Music

Location Hosts

  • Christina Chan, Nightfall

  • The Depot Readings, The Queen of Sad Mischance Website

  • Mary McCullough, Morir Soñando

Boston Podcast Players Season 2 Supporters

Sponsors ($1000+)

  • The Bob Jolly Charitable Trust

Producer ($500)

Angel (100+)

  • Melissa Fristrom

Patron ($50+)

Helper ($20+)

  • Allyson Lazar

Supporter ($10+)

  • Alex Alexander

  • Anne Flammang

  • Haley Fluke

  • Kim Klasner

  • Laura Neill

To become a supporter of Boston Podcast Players, you can go to our Patreon page! In Season 2 we are offering each contributor a small stipend for their time and talent. If we can get more support, we'll be able to increase that stipend and pass your support on to artists in Boston!