Episode 5: 16 Inch by Ken Green (Stream here)

In this episode we listen in on a neighborhood softball game with surprisingly long roots, a diverse roster which captures a time and place in Chicago, and one infallible rule: Softballs must be 16 inches across. No exceptions.

We talk with the playwright of 16 Inch, Ken Green, who came to Boston from Chicago, about importing a storytelling series, the proper Chicago accent, whether a softball field can serve as a theatre stage, and whether or not you can save a shoveled out parking spot.

For more information, check out Ken's website: kengreen.weebly.com or his New Play Exchange page.

Remember: Real men play 16 Inch Softball.


Eddie - Dan Gelinas
Tony - Joe Juknievich
Ump - Greg Lam

Stage Directions read by Allyson Lazar

Please be advised: Plenty of explicit language will be used in the reading of this play.