Episode 6: Ghost Stories by Rosa Nagle (Stream here)


In this episode we talk with featured playwright and horror movie aficianado Rosa Nagle about experimental theatre, poetry with dialogue, a nice slice of sanguinaccio, and the perfect park in which to stage plays.

Then we listen to an excerpt of her family epic Ghost Stories, which is itself a short play called Blood Cake. A woman sorts through the recordings of her thoughts, her life and personal history, which she had to disguise behind Shakespeare monologues. Also there is a recipe for pig's blood pastries, her taking her grandson away from her daughter and the family estrangement that results, and her own dark childhood secrets. Just...  there's a lot going on here! 

For more information, check out Rosa's Twitter or her New Play Exchange page.


Bianca - Amy West
Louisa - Andrea Humez
Young Louisa - Grace Trapnell
Stephen - Trevor Choleva
Salvatore - Dave DiLillo

Stage Directions read by Allyson Lazar