Season 2 Announcement!

So we posted the final full episode of Season 1 of the podcast. (I'll be posting a Season 1 wrap-up episode in March.) That of course begs the question of whether there will be a Season 2, and the answer is YES! I'm just starting to set wheels in motion now. Here's what I can tell you.

  • As Mara has moved on to Seattle, we'll be having a new co-host join the podcast, Vannessa Greenleaf, who was in Company One's PlayLab in 2017.
  • We'll start recording in the spring/early summer, and we'll be posting new episodes in late summer or early fall.
  • Once we start posting, we hope to release 2 episodes per month! Vannessa and I will both record episodes separately and alternate shows. For my episodes at least I'll be asking people to sit in as guest co-hosts. Contact me if interested. Vannessa's current plan is to have a regular co-host on her episodes.
  • In the first season, the featured playwrights were those in Company One's PlayLab Unit along with me in 2016. We're opening up the guest list going forward to playwrights in the Boston area in general. Big names, emerging playwrights, all walks of life, different styles of theatremaking. We want it all.
  • We will be contacting playwrights and asking if they're interested rather than posting an open call for submissions. Our planned schedule is 24 episodes/year, so we can include a wide, diverse of playwrights and projects in a relatively short amount of time. If you want to advocate for another playwright to be on our (already lengthy but by no means complete) list, let me know.
  • We received a small grant from The Bob Jolly Charitable trust and are looking for other means of support and sponsorship, from institutions to individuals. Just putting that out into the world. If you want to discuss that, please contact me.
  • We'd also be interested in hearing from people interested in getting involved in the production of the podcast, from acting, recording, editing, art, social media, whatever.
  • Any detail I've shared here can be subject to change, but it's the best estimation I have at the moment.
  • If you read this far into the post, here's a final reminder to go back and listen to any Season 1 episodes you might have missed:

Listen. Subscribe. Rate. Discuss. Donate. It all helps!

Thanks, and see you all for Season 2!