Episode 2.01: Michael Bradford, Fathers & Sons


Season 2 begins with Michael Bradford's Fathers & Sons, a play about a young African-American couples' struggles to cope with the loss of their missing child. Michael is the head of the Dramatic Arts department at the University of Connecticut, and Artistic Director of Connecticut Repertory Theatre. In our interview, we talk about playwriting from both the playwright's POV and the producers POV, writing bigger than you know, and how to stalk a playwright. We are joined by co-host Anne Flammang of the new play reading series The Depot.

Mentioned: Connecticut Repertory Theatre, The Depot, UConn Dramatic Arts Department, The Lark


  • Nikolai Fernandez as Marcus Goodwater

  • Angela Hunt as Yvette Goodwater

This excerpt was recorded by Erik Lawson, at the University of Connecticut Theatre Department