Episode 7: The Travellers by Colleen M. Hughes (Stream here)


In this episode we talk with featured playwright and Somerville native about Doctor Who, time travel, unintentional resemblances to Back to the Future, why The Beast is the best Disney prince, and inserting pterodactyls into your play's stage directions.

Then we listen to an excerpt of her time travel romp The Travellers, in which a high school aged girl named Bri comes across a portal and time and space, like you do, and meets with a traveller who comes from the other side of the portal who is there to stop her.

For more information about Colleen, see colleenmhughes.com.


Bri - Molly Kimmerling
Liv - Libby Schap
Old Liv - Andrea Humez
The Traveller - Sonya Raye

Stage Directions read by Allyson Lazar