Episode 2.14: Audrey Pillsbury, Jade Bracelet


Audrey Pillsbury is a recent graduate of MIT, that well-known theatre school. In college she wrote and produced Jade Bracelet, a musical about two daughters growing up with their Chinese mom. Along with co-host Howard Zilber of the Open Theatre Project, we talk to Audrey about representation, musicals, webseries, and the minimum science requirements for technology schools.

Mentioned: Open Theatre Project, Asian-American Playwright Collective, MIT Theater, Killing Eve, 10 Things I Hate About You


Howard Zilber


Mei was played by Christina Chan
Amy was played by Karla Lang
Jaden was played by Kim Klasner
Chris Russell was played by Michael Mandanas

Directed by Mikey DiLoreto

The singing voice of Jaden was J.L.Y.
The singing voice of Amy was July
The singing voice of Chris was Mikey Angelo 
The Sound Engineer was Louis Ng of Lenson Productions
Songs Produced by Herbert Waltl of HYPERIUM Conservatory