Episode 2.08: Patrick Gabridge, Mox Nox


Patrick Gabridge is Boston’s new play scene’s Mr. Everything. From penning commissioned site specific work in historical sites, to being the New England region’s Dramatists Guild rep, to creating the Playwrights Marketing Binge email list, Patrick is juggling a lot of balls at once. It’s fitting that his play Mox Nox is about sleight of hand. It’s a sci-fi blended family drama with stage magic in its origin.

Guest co-host Courtney O’Connor, Associate Artistic Director of the Lyric Stage, joins us to talk to about, well, everything. Commissioned work, career arcs, site specific work, fostering relationships, the long game of playwriting, the new play ecosystem, and the need for fringe productions to court disaster and go for broke.

This episode is a LOT. Be here for it.

If you want to see Patrick’s work, check out The Nature Plays at Mt. Auburn Cemetery on June 1-9

Mentioned: Lyric Stage, Dramatists Guild, New Play Exchange, New England New Play Alliance, Playwright Marketing Binge, Brown Box Theatre, Evan Northrup, Plays in Place, Martha Patterson


  • Courtney O’Connor


  • Mira – Marge Dunn

  • Pike – Cam Torres

  • DeeDee – Becca A. Lewis

  • Amanda – Austyn Davis

  • Stage Directions – Courtney O’Connor