Episode 2.07: Charlotte Meehan, Cleanliness, Godliness, and Madness: A User's Guide


Charlotte Meehan writes multimedia pieces that play with form and speak about today’s issues, but she insists it isn’t surreal but how she views the world. Her play Cleanliness, Godliness, and Madness: A User’s Guide is a prime example. Written to be performed by her company, Sleeping Weazel, it might seem like a broadside attack on Trumpism but it’s rooted in Meehan’s unique family history.

Guest co-host Kate Snodgrass, yes Kate Snodgrass of Boston Theater Marathon and Boston Playwright’s Theatre, joins the podcast to look through Meehan’s life growing up in an ultraconservative upbringing while also enjoying trips to New York City to see the latest shows.

If you want to see an event Meehan is putting together, check out The Audacity: Women Speak. March 28–April 6, 2019 at the Boston Center for the Arts. This show has contributions by many female playwrights, and will highlight the real stories of womxn’s experiences with gender biased treatment and sexual harassment, systemic misogyny and sexism, and assault and rape.

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  • Kate Snodgrass


  • Grace – Veronica Anastasio Wiseman

  • Mary – Stephanie Burlington Daniels

  • Stage Directions - Charlotte Meehan

Recorded at Boston Playwrights Theatre