Episode 2.11: Liana Asim, Brother Nat


Liana Asim loves spinning tales out of historical figures, whether it’s Marilyn Monroe, Abraham Lincoln, or the rebellious slave Nat Turner, who led a slave uprising that frightened the whole slaveholding system. Liana and her husband Jabari have put together an epic sung through opera based on the life of Nat Turner which they are talking to the New York Musical Festival.

Our guest co-host is the former featured playwright Laura Neill, who is departing from Boston soon! No! Before she goes, she joins Liana and I to talk historical figures, co-writing big projects, opera, and starting on a playwriting career after raising five kids. The recorded excerpt is from a performance of the piece that Liana staged last October at Emerson.

To support Liana’s fundraising efforts to bring Brother Nat to the New York Musical Festival, go to her crowdfunding page.

Mentioned: New York Musical Festival, Boston Playwrights’ Theatre, The Boston Foundation, Emerson College

This performance of Brother Nat: Rise. Revolt. Redemption. was recorded at Emerson College in concert in October, 2018.

Book and Lyrics by Liana and Jabari Asim. Music by Allyssa Jones and Damien L Sneed.


Laura Neill

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