Episode 2.10: Early Career Playwrights Special, Part 2


It’s Part 2 of this conversation about the business of playwriting featuring four early career playwrights (David Fristrom, Jackie Martin, James Wilkinson, and Sharisse Zeeronian) and three theatre experts (Company One’s Ilana Brownstein, playwright Patrick Gabridge, and Boston Playwrights’ Theatre’s Kate Snodgrass). In this episode, we ask the experts to each impart one key lesson to our early career playwrights, something they don’t know or have not considered. We talk about the long game of theatre, representing the world around you, and fostering a personal playwriting network.

We then go and talk about some key decisions a playwright might make in the formative stages of their careers. And also, we unveil the Boston playwrights’ resource cheat sheet I created to aid local playwrights, featuring opportunities, groups, and useful information that playwrights should know.

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The Playwrights

  • David Fristrom

  • Jackie Martin

  • James Wilkinson

  • Sharisse Zeroonian

The Panel

  • Ilana Brownstein, Company One

  • Patrick Gabridge, Playwright

  • Kate Snodgrass, Boston Playwrights Theatre