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What do you not know about playwriting?

The next two episodes of the podcast will be quite different. Instead of featuring one playwright with a reading and interview, we’ve assemble four early career playwrights and asked them what’s the one thing they’d most like to know about the business of playwright. What’s their burning question? In this post, I explain why.

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Episode 2.07: Charlotte Meehan, Cleanliness, Godliness, and Madness: A User's Guide

Charlotte Meehan writes multimedia pieces that play with form and speak about today’s issues, but she insists it isn’t surreal but how she views the world. Her play Cleanliness, Godliness, and Madness: A User’s Guide is a prime example. Written to be performed by her company, Sleeping Weazel, it might seem like a broadside attack on Trumpism but it’s rooted in Meehan’s family history.

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